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We focus on raising awareness of skin cancer and provide a regulated medical device to help individuals assess their risk and get a doctor’s appointment on time. When you’re on the go, every moment counts. Try out our new mobile app for skin cancer risk assessment.

About Us

The start-up medaia GmbH (=MEDicalArtificialIntelligenceApplications) proves how deeply the local start-up scene has already immersed itself in the topic of artificial intelligence.

medaia GmbH is a young and innovative start-up, based in the heart of Styria, Austria. Our young and energetic team of experts, coming from medical and technical universities, is constantly working on the development of new ideas and solutions for you. Thanks to the diverse specializations of our team members, ranging from neuroscience, medicine to biomedical engineering, we can develop easy to use, clinically validated products based on AI. Obviously, our work is based on empirical medical evidence and supported by senior dermatologists.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop innovative and affordable technologies for medical issues with the potential to improve your health and well-being. We believe, that living a good and healthy life must not depend upon the income but should be accessible for all humans. With this goal, we specialized in the development of certified medical products, designed to be used by everyone. The astonishing development of artificial intelligence during the last decade has made this possible. We managed to incorporate this brilliant technology on regular smartphones.

And voila: an easy-to-use and reliable medical product to assess the risk of a skin lesion is ready to boost your health!

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“App ermöglicht Hautkrebs-Früherkennung”


“Österreichisches Startup entwickelt App zur Hautkrebserkennung”


“Smarte Hautkrebsvorsorge mittels App”


“Grazer Startup SkinScreener sagt Hautkrebs den Kampf an!”


“SkinScreener – Foto-App gegen Hautkrebs”


“Grazer Startup SkinScreener sagt Hautkrebs den Kampf an!”


“Grazer Startup SkinScreener sagt Hautkrebs den Kampf an!”


“Grazer Startup entwickelt Foto-App gegen Hautkrebs”


“Grazer Startup SkinScreener sagt Hautkrebs den Kampf an!”


“Künstliche Intelligenz, die unter die Haut geht”



Skin cancer prevention made easy!

SkinScreener uses the camera and the flashlight of your mobile device to take a photo of your skin lesions. Then the App is calculating the risk of malignancy using our clinical proofed recognition algorithm, based on artificial intelligence. Based on the risk, it advises the user to visit a dermatologist immediately, as soon as possible or at regular intervals.

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